The complete guide to the Pokémon GO Safari Zone 2021 in Sefton Park, Liverpool.


The complete guide to the Pokémon GO Safari Zone 2021 in Sefton Park, Liverpool.

This weekend, the largest Pokémon GO event in the UK will take place in Sefton Park in Liverpool.

Thousands of people will go to Sefton Park from all over the UK in quest of some specially released Pokémon that will be buried across the Grade I listed green space for Pokémon GO Safari Zone 2021.

The sold-out concert was initially set for 2020, but was forced to be rescheduled owing to the pandemic.

On the Liver Bird Safari walking tour, you’ll look for over 100 of the city’s most famous icons.

Participants will use their smartphones to track down, capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon. The remarkable technology allows the Pokémon to appear in the player’s real-world environment.

The augmented reality game, which has been downloaded over one billion times since its introduction in 2016, has brought individuals from all over the world together. Since 2017, the Pokémon GO Safari Zone has been held in a number of nations throughout the world, including the United States, Germany, and Japan.

The event was organized by Niantic Inc., the creators of Pokemon GO, in collaboration with Liverpool City Council’s Culture Liverpool team.

“Pokémon GO is one of the most well-known and well-played games on the planet,” said Harry Doyle, cabinet member for culture and visitor economy at Liverpool City Council. The team’s decision to hold their largest ever UK event in Liverpool is simply another indication that no one does significant events like we do.

“Anyone who has visited the park in the previous week will have noticed the preparations being made to welcome the players, and I hope everyone who comes has a fantastic experience.”

“We are really happy to be bringing a Safari Zone event to Liverpool,” Philip Marz, Niantic’s lead of Pokémon GO marketing in EMEA, stated. Sefton Park is a lovely place for our athletes to visit.

“Bringing this event to reality has been a true team effort, and we want to thank everyone who has contributed to what we are confident will be a fantastic occasion.” We hope to see a large number of Trainers at Sefton Park to enjoy Pokémon.” The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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