The coin base lists Civic (CVC), Decentraland (MANA) and District0x (DNT).


The US crypto exchange Coinbase recently listed three new crypto currencies on its retail platform.
The coins in question – Civic, Decentraland and District0x – were already listed on Coinbase Pro.
Coinbase also provided other three coins – 0x, Kyber Network and OMG Network – for NY users.

The US crypto exchange Coinbase is constantly receiving requests from its community to list other crypto currencies. The coins that the exchange is willing to offer must meet certain requirements in order for the exchange to comply with the law.

However, most of the coins that the exchange has checked over the years ended up disappointing. But from time to time there are a few good coins that the Exchange decides to offer as part of its main platform.

Now Coinbase announced in its official blog the listing of three new cryptos, with hints that more could follow soon.

The newly listed coins from Coinbase

According to the official announcement of the exchange, Coinbase now allows users to exchange three new tokens. These include a decentralized ID protocol token, Civic (CVC), a decentralized marketplace token, District0x (DNT), and a virtual real estate token, Decentraland (MANA).

All these coins are ERC-20 coins, and they are not new to the Coinbase ecosystem. Coinbase Pro allows traders to use them since 2018. However, Coinbase’s decision to also offer them at its retail exchange makes the coins available to a much larger community.

Another surprising development is that three more coins that the exchange already offers will now be available to New York City residents. The coins in question include a DEX token 0x (ZRX), an Ethereum scaling platform token OMG Network (OMG) and an on-chain liquidity protocol token, Kyber Network (KNC).

As mentioned above, Coinbase has worked hard to meet the needs of users while complying with regulatory requirements. Although it is a difficult task to complete, the exchange plans to continue to do so and hopefully a new group of tokens will be listed in the near future.


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