The city is on the verge of losing its Liverpool World Heritage Status, which is described as “really terrible news.”


The city is on the verge of losing its Liverpool World Heritage Status, which is described as “really terrible news.”

People have expressed their displeasure with a request that Liverpool’s World Heritage status be revoked.

It comes after the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO proposed that the city be removed off the World Heritage List.

Liverpool will lose a championship it has held since 2004 if the verdict is made in accordance with the advice announced today.

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“Over the period since the property was inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger, the State Party has been provided with consistent advice through Committee Decisions, missions, and technical reviews,” the World Heritage Committee said in a statement released today (Monday, June 21). The State Party has ignored the World Heritage Committee’s warnings and repeated requests.”

In 2004, Liverpool was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, joining the likes of the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.

However, the city has been threatened with losing its status for more than a decade.

Peel Land and Property’s £5 billion Liverpool Waters development in the city’s north docks was the catalyst for the danger.

Everton’s now-approved plans for a new £500 million stadium at Bramley Moore Dock have piqued the historic body’s interest.

ECHO readers have expressed their opinions on the recommendation on social media, with some calling it “really terrible news.”

“Liverpool has been advised for 15 years to cease building monstrosities near the waterfront but has chosen not to listen,” said John Monton.

“If you don’t follow their advise to keep your status, you’ll lose your status, not rocket science!!!,” Albertto Michael stated.

“The city will lose a lot of funding as a result, extremely sad news,” remarked commenter Robbie183.

While some people were concerned about the recommendation, others jumped to the defence of the city and said developing the waterfront was ‘way more beneficial’ to Liverpool than World Heritage Status.

Commenter Theothers said: “We do not need the status at all, look at all the big city’s around the world we have to move with the times and build a bigger and better Liverpool and more and more people will still come, I just. Summary ends.


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