The Chase on ITV has been chastised for asking a blind competitor a ‘unfair’ question.


The Chase on ITV has been chastised for asking a blind competitor a ‘unfair’ question.

The Chase on ITV has come under fire after viewers labeled a question on today’s episode as “unfair.”

On today’s episode of the popular game show, host Bradley Walsh welcomed four new quizzers.

Today’s players were Nick, Sue, Rob, and Kathryn, who competed against Paul Sinha for a $1,000 reward.

Nick and Sue were the first to go, and they both won their head-to-heads to go to the Final Chase and win £11,000.

Rob, who was sitting in seat three, told us about how he was diagnosed with blindness when he was 17 years old.

The 56-year-old access consultant from the Scottish Borders said he went blind after three days, a “one in eight million probability,” he said.

The determined athlete described how he overcame his disability to become a Paralympian.

He stated, ” “When I could see, I was a good sportsman one day. And before I couldn’t see, I was a professional athlete on the international stage.

“I won medals in one Paralympics and represented Great Britain in three others because I competed in long jump, triple jump, and 100m.”

He appeared on the show with Bobby, his guide dog, with whom he had been working for four weeks.

Rob planned to use his winnings to purchase a computer with braille capabilities, and followers of the show on Twitter were pulling for him to win.

He put in a strong showing to earn £5,000, but he risked and accepted the greater offer of £45,000.

The Chaser quickly apprehended Rob, but many were dissatisfied with the final question Rob was asked.

“How many numbers do you think a regular UK barcode has?” Bradley wondered.

Fans of the program flocked to Twitter to criticize the question for being unfair, as Rob chose nine while the Chaser accurately got the correct answer of thirteen.

@RyanGTweetsTV wrote on Twitter: “I wish Rob could try again, but this time with a different question. That was an unjust question.” “A bit of a ludicrous question there for Rob,” @rebeccamcgrath commented. “Slightly unjust question to ask a vision challenged participant,” @ReturnOfTheKop replied. “Asking a blind competitor how many numbers are there on a barcode is simply ludicrous!” wrote @SusanDaisley. @Owain93: “Giving. “Summary comes to a close.”


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