The BBC history of an ITV The Chase participant is revealed by fans.


The BBC history of an ITV The Chase participant is revealed by fans.

On today’s episode of The Chase, viewers revealed a contestant’s TV background.

On Tuesday’s episode of the popular gameshow, Bradley Walsh welcomed four new quizzers who competed against Jenny Ryan.

Before Mary Ann faced the Chaser, Elliot and Susan had successfully made their way past The Vixen.

Bradley was told by the 68-year-old that she was a former Michelin-starred chef who had previously served for The Queen and Prince Charles.

Fans on Twitter recognized Mary Ann from her appearances on the BBC show The Great British Menu as a result of this.

“Mary Ann was a chef on The Great British Menu,” says @RoxyCampbell.

“Was seat 3 a “celebrity chef“ type, sure I’ve seen her on a Great Britain menu type of program,” @Pantastic1761 speculated.

“Mary Ann off The Chase, sure she’s been on British Menu and MasterChef,” wrote @covyid.

“It has been bugging me all program,” @disco1980 tweeted. The Mary-Ann cook, on the other hand, was on the #GreatBritishMenu.”

Mary Ann was a cook at the award-winning Carlton Riverside when she participated on season 9 of the BBC show.

She earned £4,000 in her cash-builder and advanced to the Final Chase by defeating Jenny Ryan.

Antony in Seat 4 also made it to the final round, making it a full house with a total prize pool of £18,000.

In the Final Chase, the team received 15 perfect answers, but Jenny could only build up 11 steps, hence the team won the cash prize.


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