The baby’s heart stopped for 40 MINUTES – then a “miracle” happened.


Ged Thompson said that the doctors decided to stop CPR on his son Buddy after his heart stopped beating for 40 minutes.

A father whose six-month-old son was only seconds away from being declared dead after a massive heart attack has now found written comfort.

Ged Thompson said doctors had decided to stop CPR on his son Buddy.

Ged said, “I was just on my way to the airport.”

Buddy’s first heart attack was in November 2010 – at that time Ged was on vacation with friends in Spain. His sister contacted him to inform him that his son was dying.

Ged, from Kirkby , said, “Buddy was six months old and suffered a massive heart attack. He had received his last rites. He had not had a pulse for about 40 minutes and the doctors had decided to stop the resuscitation attempts. They feared massive brain damage. But a nurse decided to try a pulse again and found one.

Although Buddy recovered, his heart stopped beating a few months later.

As the doctors struggled to save Buddy’s life, Ged began writing little poems and pinned them to his son’s bed in the intensive care unit.

Ged said: “The second time, he too suffered a stroke. He lost the movement on the left side of his body and the ability to swallow.

When Buddy came home, the doctors told his parents that he was at risk of sudden death.

I remember that I began to wonder why Buddy seemed so much happier than me. Then I started to try to look at the world the way a child does, and that led to fairy tales.

Ged said: “They said he could leave anytime. I started to suffer from stress and then depression.

Ged, an electrician by profession, said that Buddy’s health would deteriorate if he took a job in another part of the country.

In the meantime, Buddy’s heart condition has stabilized and the six-year-old is going to a regular school. Today Ged has developed a mystical, New Age attitude to life and speaks freely about the power of dreams and angels.

He said, “My older son came to me in a dream. He scolded me and told me to go and look after my children. He left the room and slammed the door behind him, waking me up. Then I got up and went into Buddy’s room and he had a fit.

he said, “I think it was his way of telling me to stay home with him”…


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