The ‘amazing’ Home Bargains Customers wish they could get £8 storage jars.


The ‘amazing’ Home Bargains Customers wish they could get £8 storage jars.

After seeing them online, Home Bargains customers were keen to find a set of glass storage jars.

With its vast choice of homeware, furnishings, household goods, and more, the budget-friendly company has gained a cult of followers.

The store, which was started in 1976 by Tom Morris in Liverpool, frequently uses social media to announce new product debuts and stock updates.

After viewing it online, Dunelm buyers were taken aback by a ‘stunning’ £8 homeware item.

Home Bargains took to Instagram to share a video of its storage jars in action. “Sweetie jar inspo,” Home Bargains captioned the video., thank you for sharing! What have you done with one of our glass ornamental jars that you purchased?

“£7.99 at a limited number of stores.”


The video, which was first published by, was a success with Home Bargains’ 984k followers, with over 2,800 likes.

In the comments section, customers expressed their opinions.

“I definitely need these!” exclaimed Rachael.

“Need,” Kayleigh stated.

“Which London stores?” Ghor inquired. I’m never able to locate them,” she remarked, a mournful expression on her face.

“I need to get some lol, I’m very behind,” Dawn replied.

“Wonderful,” Kim exclaimed.

“Are they online?” Laura inquired.

“Wish these were available online,” Kerryanne remarked, sharing a sad face emoji.

Jill also added a sad face emoji to her tweet and asked, “Which stores?”

“Teasing me again!!!,” Claire exclaimed.

“I love it,” Sylvia added.


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