The A Level and GCSE exams will be officially postponed in 2021.


The tests in England will be delayed by three weeks due to the pandemic in 2021. Education Minister Gavin Williamson confirmed the news this afternoon.

The A-Level and GCSE exams will be officially postponed next year.

Secretary of Education Gavin Williamson announced the news today

Result days are Tuesday, August 24 for the A-Levels and Friday, August 27 for the GCSEs, so that students begin the following academic year as usual.

A Maths and English GCSE exams will be held just before the May mid-term so that Year 11 students affected by Covid-19 will have the best possible chance to give a paper in each of these core subjects.

The summer exam series begins on June 7 and ends on July 2 for almost all A-Levels and GCSEs.

“The students have experienced considerable disruption and it is right that we give them and their teachers the assurance that the exams will take place and give them more time to prepare.

Secretary of Education Gavin Williamson said: “Fairness to students is my priority and will continue to be at the forefront of every decision we make ahead of next summer’s exams.

“Exams are the fairest way to assess a student’s performance, so they will take place, underpinned by emergency measures developed in partnership with the sector.

“I will continue to work closely with stakeholders and am grateful for the commitment and willingness shown in providing this extra time to ensure that young people have the best chance of success.

“Combined with our £1 billion catch-up program and the changes proposed by Ofqual to free up teaching time, the changes I am announcing today will give young people the best chance to be ready for their exams without undermining the value of the skills they have gained.

The Minister of Education has written to Ofqual today asking the Regulatory Authority to work closely with him, school and training managers, examination boards, trade unions and the higher education sector to develop these arrangements.

The government will be in full contact with the sector over the next six weeks to identify any risks to exams at national, local and individual student level and to consider measures needed to counteract any disruption.

Further details will be released later this fall to ensure that students can be confident that they will be treated fairly in the 2021 assessment.

This could be a student who is unable to take exams due to illness or self-isolation, or schools affected by a local outbreak during the exam season, which means that the centers cannot open.


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