The £25 zebra print dress from Marks & Spencer is the perfect summer outfit.


The £25 zebra print dress from Marks & Spencer is the perfect summer outfit.

Shoppers at Marks & Spencer went crazy about a “wonderful” tiny dress they saw online last week, so I tried it on to see what the excitement was about.

Shoppers have been scouring social media for the greatest clothing and accessories now that the warmer weather has finally arrived.

M&S customers saw the Jersey Animal Print Mini T-Shirt Dress on Instagram this week and instantly expressed their enthusiasm in the comments section.

I went into Marks & Spencer in search of a tiny outfit and left fuming.

The zebra print on the dress, which also has a high neck and a loose t-shirt shape, was an instant hit with shoppers.

The dress was described as “amazing,” and several customers said they wanted to get it “right away,” so I took their advice and ordered it to see if it lived up to the hype.

The Jersey Animal Print Mini T-Shirt Dress is constructed of 100% cotton jersey and has short sleeves for maximum breathability – perfect for this summer’s heat.

I’ll admit that I fell in love with the print right away, despite the fact that I’m not generally a fan of animal print.

The garment was made of a silky material that felt much more expensive than its £25 price tag. It was a little thicker than I had anticipated, so any concerns I had about it being see-through were unfounded.

The dress fit a little tighter than I expected, but that didn’t detract from the overall design, and I believe that going up would make the dress far too huge.

The cloth was soft to the touch and didn’t itch or cling in any way, which was a huge plus.

The high neck and short hemline worked well together, ensuring that you didn’t show too much skin.

The dress is classified as a “mini,” but I found it to be a little longer than expected, even though I chose the normal fit. However, this could be due to my 5ft 4 height, so it’s important to consider your own.

Aside than that, the garment was a wonderful fit. The material was lovely, and it fell straight but didn’t detract from your body shape.

The sleeves have a lot to offer. “The summary has come to an end.”


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