The 24-year-old woman who killed herself had “the most lovely soul.”


The 24-year-old woman who killed herself had “the most lovely soul.”

The sister of a young woman who committed herself says her sister will be remembered forever.

Flur McDonald died in Birkdale on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, at the age of 24.

The pharmacology student had struggled with mental health issues since she had lost both of her parents at the age of 20.

‘The best baby sister’ – heartfelt tributes to the ‘delicate’ 24-year-old who committed suicide

Her father died in a house fire when she was only 18 years old.

Then, two years later, her mother died in a vehicle accident, leaving her orphaned when she was just out of adolescence.

Flur’s death sparked an outpouring of grief from her family, friends, and others who had never met her but were devastated by the suicide of yet another talented young woman.

“Flur as a person was the most amazing girl you could ever meet,” her sister, Leah, 35, told The Washington Newsday. She had the most gorgeous soul I’d ever seen in anyone I’d ever met.

“She was my only sister, and after having three brothers before her, she was the sister I had always wished for. I prayed, and Flur appeared. I only wish she had understood how much she was adored.”

Suicide rates among women under the age of 25 nearly doubled between 2012 and 2019, according to Samaritans data.

Leah, a mother of one, recently donated over £600 for MIND, a mental health organisation, after she suffered from depression following the loss of her sister.

After Flur’s death, Leah admitted that she considered suicide, but she has moved on and is focused on helping herself and her family as they commemorate Flur’s life.

“I’ve felt the effects,” she remarked. I employed the services of the Samaritans in town. They were really fantastic.”

The annual Samaritans Awareness Day takes place this weekend, with the goal of raising awareness of the charity’s 24-hour services and urging people to listen to how their friends and family are feeling.

“Becoming a better listener can help you support loved ones who may be struggling to cope,” the organisation says on their website. It’s also possible.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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