Tests, PPE and a late lockdown: The government’s failure on coronavirus is costing us dearly.


There is growing anger across the country about the lack of testing – particularly for NHS frontline staff – and the problems of getting personal protective equipment to those who risk their lives to keep others alive.

The British government is coming under enormous pressure for its handling of the coronavirus epidemic in the country.

As deaths in the UK skyrocket, it is clear that the UK has ignored warnings from other countries, writes political editor Liam Thorp

As the death toll of Covid-19 continues to rise in the country, many wonder why it took the government so long to take action-especially when the warning signals from Italy and Spain were clearly visible.

The IPSOS Mori poll showed that 56% of people think that the announcement of the 23 March closure should have been made earlier.

And in a new poll released today, it appears that the British public is starting to think that Boris Johnson’s order to seal off the country came too late – and could have cost many lives.

Yet the government has failed to act and has allowed major public events to continue – including the Cheltenham Festival, which attracted 250,000 people between March 10 and 13.

Health workers in Italy’s worst-affected region of Lombardy, which experienced shocking scenes and exploding death figures, had warned the UK and other countries of the need for action in early March.

Some of the staff working at the festival have since revealed that they had coronavirus symptoms, and many others believe that they were infected with the virus at the festival, but they continued as normal because it was the law of the country at the time.

On March 11, 3,000 fans of Atletico Madrid were encouraged by the then government to travel from the Spanish capital to Liverpool to mingle in the city’s bars before packing up for a full Anfield.

In recent days, the scientific advisor to the Italian government, Dr. Walter Ricciardi, said in a speech at Sky News that the UK should have looked at the example set in its own country and taken the decision to close the country at least ten days earlier than it had done before.

At the time there was an acute outbreak of the corona virus in Madrid and Atletico fans were not actually able to follow their team’s game on their home turf, but the game in Anfield continued.

And while it is assumed that the late suspension decision will lead to a greater spread of the virus in the UK, a massively criticized lack of testing in the country has certainly exacerbated the problem.

He said the country would “pay a price” for the timing of this decision.

While Britain is still struggling to perform up to 10,000 tests a day, Germany is creating 50,000 a day and is working to increase that number.

The biggest scandal of failed tests affects NHS staff at the front line.

More than three months after the first appearance of the corona virus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and despite the terrifying spread of the virus in countries such as Italy and Spain in the following months – the government is still far behind in terms of the testing capacity needed to control the virus.


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