Teen is fatally mauled by a Himalayan black bear, which is killed by a vengeful crowd.


Teen is fatally mauled by a Himalayan black bear, which is killed by a vengeful crowd.

An enraged mob has killed a Himalayan black bear after the beast fatally attacked a 16-year-old kid.

Around 3 p.m. local time (4:30 a.m. EST) on Wednesday, a black bear was observed at a tea estate in West Bengal, India. Residents in the region were ecstatic to see the animal. Bidesh Khalko, a 16-year-old victim, got close to the bear in order to get a better glimpse of it.

“The bear attacked him at that point and dragged him behind the tea bushes. The adolescent died instantly “The Telegraph was told by a source.

Following the attack, a mob of villagers decided to go bear hunting.

Following reports of the boy’s death, forest guards from the Mal Wildlife Squad, Gorumara National Park, and the Jalpaiguri Forest Division arrived on the spot. They used a tranquilizer on the bear in an attempt to save it.

Locals, however, beat the bear to death before they could safely rescue it.

The Assam Tribune stated that police were dispatched to the scene to keep the gathering under control.

Locals claim that seeing bears in the tea gardens around the area is quite rare.

“We haven’t noticed any bears wandering about the tea garden. As a result, several people flocked to observe the animal out of curiosity “The Telegraph spoke with Ratan Minz, a tea garden resident.

The animal is believed to have come from a national park a few kilometers away from the tea garden, according to forest rangers. They are currently investigating the event and attempting to identify those responsible for the bear’s death.

The chief conservator of forests, Rajendra Jakhar, stated that they will “take legal action against” the mob.

The body of the teen victim was transported to a lab for an autopsy in order to determine the official cause of death, while the bear’s carcass was transferred to a lab.

“This is an unusual occurrence. The conflict between humans and elephants and leopards in these places is well-known “A representative from a local wildlife lovers’ organization, Shyama Pandey, said. “This is the first time a black bear has killed a young person in a tea garden.”


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