Supporters of the Nabisco strike post photos of unsold Oreos to show that the boycott is working.


Supporters of the Nabisco strike post photos of unsold Oreos to show that the boycott is working.

More than 1,000 Nabisco bakers are on strike across the United States, demanding better working conditions and wages, and many have posted photographs on social media alleging their products aren’t selling as a result.

Oreo cookies, Ritz crackers, Chips Ahoy!, and other snacks are manufactured by Nabisco, a part of Mondelez International Inc.

Supporters of the strike have been photographing these items in stores in order to claim that the foods are also being boycotted by consumers.

On September 14, Los Angeles-based worker rights campaigner Brett Banditelli posted a snapshot of a crowded shelf full of Nabisco items.

“Facebook comments are loaded with pics of unsold cookies and I love it #NabiscoStrike,” he wrote with the photograph, which shows multiple packs of Oreo and Chips Ahoy cookies.

Bonnie Smalley, a CTI League misinformation specialist, also published a photo of Oreo packages stacked on store shelves.

I adore seeing photographs of unsold cookies in Facebook comments. #NabiscoStrike

— “Unions 2021” by Brett 14 September 2021, Banditelli (@banditelli)

Instead of the price being labeled, there is a sticker that says, “Don’t buy Nabisco!” The Strike must be respected!”

On September 14, a Reddit user named XANA12345 shared another image of the products filling grocery shelves, writing: “Nobody at my grocery store is buying their cookies in the middle of the Nabisco strike.” #NabiscoStrike

— Bonnie Smalley (@Bonniezilla), Secretary of Loneliness, September 14, 2021

Many people on the discussion board, however, doubted that this was due to the acts of the Nabisco employees who had been wronged.

“Based on how many individuals in this subreddit, including myself, are unaware of the strike…,” Jbradford5555 wrote. I’m inclined to guess that this is simply a well-managed, well-faced, and well-stocked grocery shop, rather than a consumer shortage.”

Nobody at my grocery store is buying cookies from pics because of the Nabisco strike.

“This is exactly how the cookie shelf at my grocery store looks every time,” Michamus continued. I could buy 100 boxes of Oreos and have them in my basket before they even arrived. This is a condensed version of the information.


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