Super Strong Jello Remains Intact After Being Run Over in Incredible Video


Super Strong Jello Remains Intact After Being Run Over in Incredible Video

Researchers have created a new jello-like material that can resist the strain of an elephant standing on it while still returning to its former shape.

What’s more amazing is that the material—a form of hydrogel—is made up of 80% water.

“You’d expect it would burst like a water balloon with 80% water content, but it doesn’t: it stays whole and withstands massive compressive stresses,” says the researcher. Professor Oren A. Scherman of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Chemistry, who pioneered the development of the substance, said in a news statement. “The hydrogel’s qualities appear to be at odds with one another.” The high water content of the material makes it feel and look like mushy jello, yet when pressure is applied, it hardens and acts like ultra-hard shatterproof glass.

The material could be used to create soft robots that can accomplish jobs that are too delicate for standard “hard” robots. The material could possibly have crucial medicinal applications, such as cartilage replacement in biomedical applications.

The non-water component of the super jello is crucial to its compression strength. The material is made up of a network of polymers, which are enormous stringy chains of repeating molecules linked together by reversible interactions that control the mechanical properties of the material.

This is the first time a hydrogel, a material recognized for its capacity to hold a huge amount of water while preserving its structure, has been given such a high level of pressure resistance. This distinguishes this novel super jello from a variety of materials that are already known for their unique features.

Dr. Jade McCune of the University of Cambridge remarked, “The manner the hydrogel can endure compression was startling, it wasn’t like anything we’ve seen in hydrogels.” “We also discovered that the compressive strength of the handcuff could be easily regulated by modifying the chemical structure of the guest molecule within.” The molecular structure of materials determines how they behave, such as whether they are soft or hard, fragile or robust. Rubbery hydrogels have hardness and self-healing properties while remaining flexible and elastic. Making hydrogels that can sustain compression without crushing has proven difficult thus far.

Cucurbiturils, barrel-shaped molecules that make up the super jello’s constituent polymers, are responsible for the super jello’s resistance to compression. When. This is a condensed version of the information.


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