Summer and Daniel’s romance on Coronation Street has been noticed by viewers.


Summer and Daniel’s romance on Coronation Street has been noticed by viewers.

Summer will develop romantic feelings for her instructor Daniel, according to Coronation Street watchers.

Summer was concerned tonight as she worked on her university application form and personal statement.

Summer told Daniel and Bernie that she wanted to go to Oxford.

Alexandra Mardell’s ‘filthy’ portrait on Coronation Street has followers making the same argument.

Summer, on the other hand, claimed the stress of applying wasn’t worth it after dealing with writer’s block.

Daniel, on the other hand, said that he had been offered a place at Oxford and offered to give Summer some advice.

Summer paid a visit to Daniel’s classroom during a school break, and he assisted her with her application.

Summer, on the other hand, asked if she might stay after school for extra tuition for the entrance exam, but Daniel declined.

Viewers believed that Summer would develop feelings for Daniel soon after seeing how unhappy she was.

Some viewers linked it to John Stape’s 2007 illegal teacher-student connection with Rosie Webster.

“It’ll be John Stape & Rosie all over again if Summer keeps hanging with that Daniel,” David tweeted.

“Where is this Summer & Daniel tale going?” Natasha wondered. It appears to be a little shady.”

“Summer has a crush,” said a third.

“When the moment with Daniel in the classroom with Summer went on, I was thinking about John Stape and Rosie Webster,” Owen continued.

“Summer is going to fall in love with Barlow,” Mick wrote.

“Don’t tell me Summer likes Daniel,” Roberto said.

“Anyone get the vibes between summer and Daniel?” Ella wrote.


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