Students from a rugby club went on a rampage through the streets, prompting an investigation by the university.


Students from a rugby club went on a rampage through the streets, prompting an investigation by the university.

The University of Liverpool is investigating members of one of its student rugby clubs for “absolutely unacceptable” behavior.

After a big group of male students engaged in anti-social behavior in the Mossley Hill area of the city yesterday night, a number of complaints have been made to the university (Tuesday).

Local resident Lisa Boogie shared videos with the ECHO showing a big group of males yelling loudly and shouting while strolling down Crawford Avenue last night, many of them were wearing similar shirts and ties.

Some members of the group may be seen in the area crashing and wrecking an e-scooter.

Residents on the Penny Lane Gossip and elsewhere on social media reported many instances of the gang engaging in anti-social behavior.

The group was dubbed the “poundshop Bullingdon Boys” by one local.

The students had been drinking earlier in the evening at the Dovedale Towers pub, and according to one witness, they “dumped scooters over the pavement, harassed bar workers, and created enough noise to be heard streets away.”

As they marched through the area, others reported people climbing on walls and obstructing cars from driving down Crawford Avenue.

“I got out of work opposite Greenbank Park to be confronted by two people who were sick right beside the nursery, they could scarcely walk,” another resident stated.

“I was past Smithdown Road tonight and encountered them all – I thought it was a protest,” said Liberal Democrat councillor Kris Brown.

The university has labeled the behavior “very unacceptable,” and has stated that it is seeking to identify those responsible and will take necessary disciplinary action.

“We are presently investigating accusations of anti-social behavior involving members of one of our student rugby clubs last night,” a University of Liverpool official stated.

“The investigation into identifying and contacting the persons implicated is underway, and we will take appropriate disciplinary action if necessary.

“Clearly, the alleged behavior was completely unacceptable and does not reflect the University’s values or the behavior we expect from our students.”



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