Strikes in Greece have affected public services.


Strikes in Greece have affected public services.

Strikes across Greece have halted public transportation and other services.

Members of the country’s main unions have objected against labor reforms, claiming that they will make temporary workplace modifications made during the pandemic permanent.

Public hospitals and ferry services to the Greek islands were also disrupted during the 24-hour protest.

The Greek government’s center-right coalition claims that draft legislation currently being debated in parliament will allow for more flexibility in the working week and modernize laws to provide new fathers more paternity leave.

Opponents have accused the administration of using lockdowns as a pretext to further weaken long-standing working rights and legal protections for employees, including the main left-wing opposition party, which is supporting the strikes.

They are concerned that it will allow businesses to avoid paying overtime and impose schedules that disrupt workers’ lives.

Several protests were held in Athens and other places.


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