Stolen automobile with no lights on, speeding down the wrong side of the road at “insane speeds”


Stolen automobile with no lights on, speeding down the wrong side of the road at “insane speeds”

Before colliding head-on with a police car, a stolen car was driven at insane speeds on the wrong side of both a major road and a freeway.

Neil Tootle, who was driving the Ford Fiesta car, and Kane Ashcroft, who was in the front passenger seat, both appeared before Liverpool Crown Court today for sentencing (Monday).

The incident occurred in the early hours of July 16th, 2019, when a police car began following a vehicle on Mill Lane in Wavertree.

Just weeks apart, two women were sexually attacked near Smithdown Road.

The stolen car began speeding up in an attempt to elude the patrol cruiser, according to prosecutor Jonathan Rogers.

“The stolen automobile was driven dangerously and at an excessive pace, including driving on the wrong side of the road, running red lights, and reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour along Edge Lane,” Mr Rogers said.

The Ford Fiesta was seen on police car video travelling onto the M62, still on the wrong side of the road and facing oncoming traffic.

Tootle had turned off the car’s lights and driven over the crest of a hill, prompting other motorists to take evasive action, according to Mr Rogers.

The Ford Fiesta, still driving on the wrong side of the road, exited the freeway at Junction 5 and collided head-on with one of the chasing police cars on the roundabout.

After being trapped by the automobile’s airbag, the officer operating the patrol car had long-term injuries, while the female officer in the car suffered a broken rib as a result of the accident.

After the crash, Tootle and Ashcroft bailed from the stolen vehicle and attempted to hide in the undergrowth, but were apprehended shortly after.

They were discovered in possession of a key programming device as well as steering lock keys, among other car-stealing gear.

Both Tootle and Ashcroft had a long history of past offenses involving auto theft, burglary, and acquisitive criminality, according to the court.

Tootle and Ashcroft both admitted to aggravated vehicle theft.

Tootle, of Walton’s Atheldene Road, appeared via videolink from prison after missing a previous hearing.

Tootle, 40, is being defended by Lloyd Morgan. “The summary has come to an end.”


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