Steve Rotheram invites Michael Gove to a seminar in Liverpool to discuss how to implement ‘levelling up.’


Steve Rotheram invites Michael Gove to a seminar in Liverpool to discuss how to implement ‘levelling up.’

Michael Gove, Boris Johnson’s Levelling Up Minister, has been invited to Liverpool by Metro mayor Steve Rotheram to discuss how he and other Northern leaders can put their objectives into action.

The mayor of Liverpool City Region today joined forces with other political and business leaders from across the North to lay out how the region of 15 million people can help the Prime Minister deliver on his ‘levelling up’ promises by leading what they call the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution.’

They will assemble this morning in Liverpool, Bradford, and Gateshead for three coordinated events to detail the five “gamechanger” requests that may help the North contribute more to the national economy and close the North-South health divide that increased during the pandemic.

What does ‘Levelling Up’ imply for Liverpool, according to a survey?

They’ve asked Michael Gove, the newly appointed Secretary of State for Housing and Communities, to the scheduled Convention of the North event in Liverpool in January to put the Government’s words into action.

Boris Johnson and a slew of top Conservatives descended on Rotherham, South Yorkshire, for the last Convention of the North in September 2019, just months before the General Election.

“The Government’s focus on levelling up and its ambitious net zero ambitions could offer significant opportunities for the North,” said Mr Rotheram, who will launch the document with a business roundtable in Liverpool focused on the opportunities for the North to lead the transition to Net Zero.

He continued, ” “However, because the pandemic has affected our combined region harder than anywhere else, we must act quickly to close the life expectancy gap and ensure that people in the North have the same chances as people in other parts of the UK.

“In the North, we have some incredible assets that can assist the government in meeting its obligations.” Today, we’re extending an offer to collaborate with the government to meet the commitments. In exchange, we ask the government to support the North.

“Give us the tools we need to steer the country toward a net-zero economy and make decisions about the North in the North. Next year, I hope to welcome Mr Gove to Liverpool so that we can get together.” The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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