State of the cryptomarket: a Q-A with CEX.IO executive director.


Bitcoin is growing, but is not prepared to replace the US dollar as a reserve currency.
Central banks’ digital currencies will change the way millions of people think about money.
DeFi could change the game as an investment opportunity.

Konstantin Anissimov is Executive Director of the International Crypto Currency Exchange, CEX.IO. As someone with a wealth of different business experience before entering the crypto room, Anissimov brings a wide range of expertise to the worlds of crypto and block chaining. We recently sat down with Anissimov to ask him about the state of the crypto market.

Invezz: What made you decide to enter the crypto currency space?

Anissimov: My involvement in the crypto-currency space began in 2017-2018, and before moving into this space, I worked in research and development, operations management and corporate sales. The level of responsibility that came with my previous roles led me to an Executive MBA degree from Cambridge Judge Business School. I wanted to have solid knowledge and skills related to business management and administration.

It was during the Executive MBA program that I gained my first experience with block chain technology. This included working with a start-up on a physical gold provenance platform built on an Ethereum block chain. I helped the startup introduce its first MVP. I was able to see for myself the innovative potential of the block chain technology.

Since then, my goal has been to enter the world of crypto-currency and block chains. Gradually, I became more and more involved in this field, and in 2020 I had the opportunity to join the CEX.IO team.

Invezz: CEX.IO offers a range of financial services, from loans to integrated crypto payment gateways; will crypto currency become mainstream for personal finance?

Anissimov: Crypto currencies are undeniably on the rise. Nevertheless, I do not believe that they will become a substitute for cash used in daily financial transactions in the foreseeable future. For this to happen, the majority of the world’s countries would have to decide unanimously to adopt block chain technology and reprogram their payment systems to function accordingly. And I think we still have a long way to go before that happens.

On the other hand, while crypto currencies will not dominate the payment industry, they will definitely have a solid presence in the financial markets. The growing number of private and institutional investors in cryptography shows this. In my opinion, crypto will probably become an alternative financial instrument, similar to risky stocks or currencies.

What concerns us at CEX.IO – our company stands for the development of the crypto market and can rightfully be called a pioneer in the crypto industry. We started in 2012 with a cloud mining service from Bitcoin. Since then we have introduced a wide range of products and services: Stakeout, crypto-based lending, traditional exchange services, the ability to deposit with bank cards and SEPA, faster payments and SWIFT. We are popularizing and developing the market, while meeting the needs of a wide range of participants – from beginners just starting out in cryptography to professionals with years of experience.

Invezz: As crypto prices skyrocket this year, more and more exchanges are appearing on the scene. What makes CEX.IO different?

Anissimov: CEX.IO was founded in the UK in 2013. We are not a start-up company with an uncertain future, but a well established and regulated exchange with a long history. Over the years, CEX.IO has proven to be trustworthy and reliable. Be it the hype of 2017 or the crypto-winter, changes in regulations or the rapid expansion of DeFi space, we have successfully and timely addressed all these challenges and each time we have become a stronger company.

Since our inception, we have chosen a regulatory-compliant path in the CEX.IO development strategy because we knew where the industry was headed. Where others might try to circumvent regulations, we strive for better compliance. We have implemented and strictly follow the KYC/AML guidelines and we continue to strive for regulatory status in all strategic jurisdictions. This helps us create and maintain a safe trading environment for our customers. At the same time, it enables us to maintain strong relationships with banks and


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