Stars from Brookside who fans would like to see make a comeback.


Stars from Brookside who fans would like to see make a comeback.

Brookside star Jodie Comer has expressed her desire for the show to return.

“I used to get in the shower, wash my hair, and sit in front of the fire with my granny and watch Brookside – and eat spearmints,” the Killing Eve star recalled.

“Brookside is one of my favorite shows, and I wish I could watch it right now. They need to get back on track.” Yobs terrorize a terrified merchant, making his life a “living nightmare.” Phil Redmond, the creator of Hollyoaks, launched the much-loved Channel 4 soap in 1982. It lasted 21 years on the air before being cancelled in 2003.

Since Brookside ended, fans have been clamoring for it to be restored, or at the very least re-run from the beginning.

Fans have also voiced their opinions on who they would like to see in it if it were to return.

One person wrote: “Jodie, that would be fantastic! Maybe you’ll get a part in it!” “A remake, with Jake Gyllenhaall as Jimmy Corkhill,” remarked another. A third person stated: “Yes, Tin Head, Sinbad, and Jimmy Corkhill (sic). Relive my childhood memories” “Can I vote for Debbie to return?” said a fourth. Ray Quinn, who played Anthony Murray, is another character who could return.

Ray has kept himself active in the Hollywood business since the show concluded in 2003.

In 2006, he came in second place to Leona Lewis on The X Factor, and since then, he’s gone from being a participant on Dancing On Ice to performing in the West End.

In 2020, the former Hollyoaks star will release his second album.

Quinn just announced that he is now laying carpets with his brothers Robin and Darren at the family business.

While fans may have differing opinions on who they wish to see return, the majority felt that it should be brought back.

If their hopes are granted, only time will tell.


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