Staff mistreated by gangs of ‘children and teens’ in stores and restaurants.


Staff mistreated by gangs of ‘children and teens’ in stores and restaurants.

For the past few weeks, groups of children and teenagers have been engaging in antisocial behavior and abusing personnel at a town center.

Following a series of incidents, Merseyside Police have increased patrols and youth workers have been deployed in Liscard town centre.

In recent weeks, police have seen an upsurge in inquiries from companies citing disruptive behavior, particularly from store employees and those working in fast food restaurants in the town.

After a McDonald’s employee throws drink on him, a homeless man sobs at the woman’s gift.

Merseyside Police has enhanced visibility in the area and stated that employees should not have to put up with the abuse they are subjected to simply for doing their jobs.

“We have been encountering antisocial behaviour issues in Liscard town centre in recent weeks, particularly in connection to off licences and fast food businesses in the area,” said Wirral Community Policing Inspector Alan McKeon.

“We’re working with our partners to investigate this issue and take appropriate action, as well as offering diversionary activities and deploying youth workers to the region.

“I would also advise parents to communicate with their children and teenagers.

“Staff workers at these locations should not have to put up with abuse in the course of their work.”

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