Stacey Solomon dazzles admirers with her fresh look.


Stacey Solomon dazzles admirers with her fresh look.

Stacey Solomon’s hair has undergone a significant transformation.

The actress altered her hair color from a rustic brown to a brilliant red using a bottle dye.

She created the adjustments to commemorate her first date night with fiance Joe Swash following the birth of their daughter Rose.

With son Rex, Stacey Solomon continues to remodel her home.

“So this morning after the nice feed (the one where Rose has the best snooze) I decided to colour my hair…,” the Loose Women panelist revealed on Instagram Stories.

“You know when you’ve been looking like an actual foot for a long time and you just want a change…

“I’d been thinking about it for a long time, and Joe had scheduled a supper for today, so I decided to go for it… it’s a little bright.” However, I believe I will enjoy it. Plus, after a few washes, I’m sure it’ll settle.” She exhibited photos of herself mixing the dye while wearing black gloves, as well as photos of the color on her hair and splotches of red on her forehead.

Stacey revealed that she usually has her hair done at a hairdresser, but that her regular stylist is also on maternity leave.

She discussed what she had learned while “doing it yourself” with her hair.

“So in case any of you are thinking of DIY… today I learned…,” the 32-year-old stated. 1. Avoid wearing white. 2. Do it in the shower if possible because this stuff stains. Bring a mirror with you. 3. Do not let it drip onto your brow and stay there. It’ll also color that.” “On a serious note, though, it was great to do something for myself,” she later remarked. Sometimes I wonder whether I don’t bother because, deep down, I believe it should never be about me and always be about the pickles. But it should surely be simply for us at times.” Stacey then published a number of photos on her Instagram feed, including one of her debuting the new do on a date with Joe, with her baby daughter Rose in tow.


“Date Night,” she explained. “We had our first night together.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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