Spoilers for Emmerdale Victoria drowned Meena, leaving her lifeless.


Spoilers for Emmerdale Victoria drowned Meena, leaving her lifeless.

Spoilers for Emmerdale Meena Jutla appears to have drowned Victoria and is now lifeless.

Following a deadly turn in the Dales, it appears that Meena may have finally met her match.

At least one character will die during super soap week, which airs next week.

The significance of Stacey Solomon’s baby daughter’s name

Residents gather to participate in a survival challenge in the episodes, but things quickly go awry.

According to the Mirror, as the survivalists get on their rafts and head down the river, Billy and Ben try to encourage their respective teams.

Everything appears to be going well, but the day quickly turns tragic, and many people are left struggling for their lives in the dangerous seas.

With Meena on a kill mission and the elements working against them, the event becomes a survival race, but who will win?

Victoria Sugden’s harness is purposely damaged by Meena, who then watches in terror as Manpreet uses Victoria’s harness instead.

Meena is seen holding Victoria’s lifeless body under the water at one point, but someone is watching her from afar.

Meena follows the mystery person into the maze, curious about what they’ve seen.

Meena has only one goal in mind and is prepared to kill everyone who stands in her way, and there’s no easy way out for them.

However, a flash-forward scene shows Meena laying still in the maze, implying that she has finally met her equal and will put an end to her murdering methods.

Meena’s voiceover can be heard saying: “It was supposed to be a wonderful day. That was the case to begin with. Everyone was eager to participate. You know, it’s competitive but friendly. It’s a great setting.

“It was a test run, so I suppose we expected something strange to happen. But not in this case. This could not have been predicted.” Paige Sandhu, who plays Meena, stated that there will be new moments in the future episodes “Victoria is in serious jeopardy.

“Victoria irritates Meena because she is overbearing and won’t let David alone. When Meena learns that they’re in love, it sets off a chain reaction in her.

“Victoria has taken a stand.”

The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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