Speech therapist confesses abuse of disabled children for reputation in Darknet


Some of the speech therapist’s victims were still wearing diapers
His parents entrusted him with their handicapped children, some of whom were still wearing diapers. He abused them and documented his disgusting deeds. A speech therapist from Würzburg is on trial for serious sexual abuse.

Defendant wanted recognition in child porn forums
“It is documented that the children fought back. He prevented that. He raped them brutally.” Family man Boris Zimmermann speaks openly about the cruelty of the accused. His son, like six other boys, was allegedly abused by the 38-year-old.

The crimes the 38-year-old man is accused of in the dock are so heinous and repulsive that his testimony was made in camera for the protection of the victims and for his own protection. He is alleged not only to have abused the children to satisfy his own sexual urges, but also to have photographed and filmed the acts in order to gain prestige in child pornography forums in Darknet. “He said in tears that he understood how much trust he had abused,” said a court spokesman in the Würzburg Regional Court.

One and three-quarter hours full of disgusting details

From 2008 until his arrest in March 2019, the speech therapist is alleged to have sexually abused seven boys in his practices and during therapy sessions in two kindergartens, in 66 cases of severe abuse. The charges had already been read out in public before the Grand Youth Chamber; this took about one and three-quarters of an hour. The presiding judge Michael Schaller justified this with the protection of the underage victims. The boys are now between 7 and 13 years old.

The affected children are physically and/or mentally handicapped, cannot speak at all or can only speak a little. According to the public prosecutor’s office, some of them were only two years old when the accused attacked them. Many of them were still wearing diapers at the time.

We want the accused never to come out again.
Partial plaintiff Bernhard Löwenberg summed up the emotional state of some of those affected: “Our clients have been impaired in their everyday lives for months. They are “basically headless”, he said, without words for what has happened. “We don’t want the defendant to ever come out.”

The trial is scheduled to run for 11 days until the end of April.


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