Southwest has no idea how many pilots are unvaccinated against COVID, according to the union president.


Southwest has no idea how many pilots are unvaccinated against COVID, according to the union president.

According to union president Casey Murray, neither Southwest Airlines nor the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association know how many pilots are still immunized against COVID-19. According to the Associated Press, the airline informed staff last week that they will be needed to obtain the vaccine by December 8, leaving less than two months to enforce the rule.

Both the corporation and the union have declined to say how many Southwest employees were absent from work over the weekend, when the airline canceled more than 2,000 flights. Some social media users and politicians, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz, claimed that pilots and air traffic controllers had either walked off the job or phoned in sick in protest of federal vaccine regulations.

According to the Associated Press, Southwest blamed the cancellations on inclement weather and air traffic control concerns, but neither it nor the pilots’ union would reveal how many employees were affected. Southwest Airlines, the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, and the Federal Aviation Administration have all denied that employee resistance was to blame for the weekend’s problems.

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Thousands of people shared Twitter posts alleging airline employees were “standing up to medical tyranny” and engaged in a “mass sickout.” Southwest was suspected of concealing the true cause of the interruptions by vague and anonymous remarks on social media. According to a survey from media intelligence firm Zignal Labs, anti-vaccine rallying slogans such as #DoNotComply, #NoVaccineMandate, and #HoldTheLine were among the 10 most popular hashtags tweeted in connection with Southwest during the weekend.

Despite the fact that flights looked to be returning to normal on Tuesday, the Texas-based airline remained at the heart of the latest battle in the vaccine mandate culture war, with opponents of vaccine mandates exploiting its issues.

Neither the corporation nor the pilots’ union have produced proof to support their explanations for why roughly 2,400 flights were canceled between Saturday and Monday. Southwest has only stated that terrible weather and air traffic control concerns in Florida on Friday resulted in cascading failures, leaving planes and pilots stranded and unable to board their next flight.

The crisis reached a head on Sunday, when the airline announced a cancellation. This is a condensed version of the information.


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