Southport hotel celebrates couple’s 50th wedding anniversary with “rotting” furniture.


Southport hotel celebrates couple’s 50th wedding anniversary with “rotting” furniture.

A couple claimed their trip to Southport to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary was “ruined” by a “filthy” hotel.

Dave and Shirley Coe, both from Worcestershire, married in Formby’s St Peter’s church in 1971.

Shirley spent several years in Freshfield, whereas Dave spent much of his childhood in Crosby.

They booked a three-night stay at the Princes of Wales hotel on Lord Street in Southport to spend the weekend exploring old haunts and returning to the church where they were married.

They booked the hotel’s penthouse suite for the big occasion and paid extra for a bottle of champagne on arrival, bringing the total cost of their stay to £527, including breakfast and dinner.

The couple, however, were “totally and utterly disappointed” when they arrived at the hotel on Friday (June 4).

Dave stated, ” “What should we do first? The penthouse suite was dirty and littered in cigarette ends when we arrived.

“There were no seats on the balcony, but even if there had been, I wouldn’t have sat there. It appeared to be on the verge of collapsing at any moment.

“The balcony curtains were ripped to shreds, the door lock was broken, and the door itself was rotting.

“The bathroom had missing tiles, the shower was slime-covered, and the toilet wasn’t working properly. The sink was marked with a ‘out of order, do not use’ sign.

“None of the windows worked, and the dressing table was littered with shattered wood. It was a nightmare.

“I used to stay [there]thirty years ago and it was a beautiful hotel then.”

The pair became even more disheartened as they ate at the hotel’s restaurant.

Dave continued: “We were told if we wanted wine with our food we had to leave the restaurant and go to the bar to fetch it. Surely this is against coronavirus regulations?

“The idea is you sit down and staff bring you what you want, with masks on, so as to minimise contact.

“Breakfast was ludicrous. We were. Summary ends.


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