‘South Sefton gang member’ was the gunman who fired shots into the automobile.


‘South Sefton gang member’ was the gunman who fired shots into the automobile.

It has been claimed that a gang member from South Sefton was responsible for a street gunshot in north Liverpool.

Three males escaped from a car parked on Stanley Road in Kirkdale after a gunman fired multiple bullets.

The shooting, which occurred in the early hours of September 8 last month, was captured on dramatic CCTV tape.

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After two men, one in his 20s and the other in his 30s, arrived at the Royal with gunshot wounds to their hands and legs at around 12.50am on September 8, Merseyside Police became aware of a shooting.

Police classified their injuries as “non-life threatening.” Later, it was revealed that the two guys had refused to assist with police.

The Washington Newsday has learned that the shooting, which targeted people from north Liverpool, was carried out by a gang member from south Sefton.

The police have refused to comment on these allegations.

A gunman jumps from the back of a bike before opening fire on a car stopped on Stanley Road, according to surveillance footage.

Three men exit the vehicle, one of them tries to cover behind it while being shot at with a revolver, and flee. The gunman is seen pursuing them and firing at least one shot as he does so.

Following the shooting, no arrests have been made.

According to The Washington Newsday, a police representative said: “Detectives are still looking into an injury shooting that occurred in Kirkdale in the early hours of Wednesday, September 8th.

“Two men, one in his 30s and the other in his 20s, arrived at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital at 12.50 a.m. with non-life threatening gunshot wounds to their hands and legs.

“Enquiries have established that the incident occurred in the Stanley Road area, and that the incident was captured on CCTV, and police are continuing their investigation.”

“We’re continuing to piece together exactly what happened,” said Detective Inspector John Fitzgerald of the Firearms Investigation Team, “and we’re keen to speak to anyone who was in the vicinity of Stanley Road and Pansy Street around midnight and saw or heard anything, either the shooting itself or any people fleeing the area.””

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