Some Wisconsin election clerks are refusing to cooperate with the GOP’s investigation into voter fraud.


Some Wisconsin election clerks are refusing to cooperate with the GOP’s investigation into voter fraud.

Election clerks in Wisconsin, where a special investigator hired by Republicans is looking into how counties handled the 2020 presidential election, are alarmed and perplexed by the investigator’s preliminary findings.

An email sent Monday by the lead investigator, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, went to at least seven junk folders, was not received by at least 11 others, and was flagged as a security risk by several others, according to an Associated Press survey of the state’s 72 county election clerks.

The Lincoln County clerk, Christopher Marlow, told the Associated Press, “If there was fraud, it wasn’t in my county.” “We maintain very accurate voter lists and work diligently. Our voters are all alive and have each received one vote!”

At least six county clerks have stated that they will not forward Gableman’s email to their counties.

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In 2020, former President Donald Trump received 61 percent of the vote in Lincoln County.

The clerks’ pushback and bewilderment is the latest twist in Wisconsin, where Republicans, aided by Trump, are launching investigations into the 2020 race. President Joe Biden received little under 21,000 votes in the state.

Republicans have asked the impartial Legislative Audit Bureau to conduct an inquiry, which will be completed this fall. A small group of Republicans, including the chairwoman of the Assembly elections committee, are pushing for a broader probe, similar to the widely panned effort in Arizona sponsored by Cyber Ninjas, a small cybersecurity firm based in Florida.

Representative Janel Brandtjen, the chairwoman of the elections committee, attempted to subpoena voting machines, ballots, and other election data in two counties. Both counties, however, turned down her request, citing a state rule that required the subpoenas to be approved by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos in order to be valid.

Vos has stated that he will not sign them.

Instead, Vos hired Gableman to oversee a new probe at a cost of approximately $680,000 to taxpayers.

However, things have gotten off to a shaky start.

Vos first hired two former police investigators to assist Gableman, but they quit last summer, claiming the project would take longer than expected. Gableman’s contract was then changed by Vos, giving him the authority to hire anybody he wanted.

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