Six fat canines have lost a lot of weight and are now living a healthier life.


Six fat canines have lost a lot of weight and are now living a healthier life.

Obesity in dogs is on the rise, with one in every fourteen canines in the UK now being overweight or obese.

It’s difficult not to indulge your dog with snacks or to notice their weight gain.

These six dogs, on the other hand, are proof that dropping a significant amount of weight is doable, and they’re all living much better lives as a result.

He couldn’t stand straight because the “chunky” Bichon Frise was so fat. His legs were unable to support his weight, and he collapsed at the groomer’s.

But he’s lost four kilograms since then, making him unrecognizable and allowing him to run and play once more.

After doubling in size under lockdown, the five-year-old Labrador is now on a diet.

Due to inactivity during lockdown and the medication he is on to treat his seizures, he struggled to walk for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Paolo shed 1kg shortly after starting his diet.

The overweight Pitbull, who was nine years old, weighed more than 80 pounds.

His front right leg developed arthritis, reducing his ability to exercise and making it harder for him to maintain his health.

Despite this, the courageous dog completed five rounds of chemotherapy and was confirmed cancer-free in February. He has shed 22 pounds and is happy than ever thanks to a particular diet.

The RSPCA rescued this Jack Russell after her previous owner overfed and under-exercised her.

Lily weighed 13.7kg, which was double her normal weight.

She found it difficult to breathe, move, and even got sores on her belly from rubbing against the floor when walking.

She has dropped down to a healthier 7.7kg after being put on a special dog diet and is enjoying life with her new owner.

Benny, the border collie, couldn’t stand up on his own and had spent much of his days sprawled on the floor.

He developed calluses as a result of carrying the weight of his body while lying down.

Although the continued treatment will cost thousands of pounds, it serves as a reminder that if weight is not controlled, it can be fatal.

Fortunately, this pug was spared because to an emergency diet and exercise program, but it came at a cost of £18,000.

Bertha weighed 4st 7lb when she was taken in by her new owner.

“Summary ends” after four months of treatment.


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