Shamima Begum told Boris Johnson that she would rather die than join Isis.


Shamima Begum told Boris Johnson that she would rather die than join Isis.

Shamima Begum apologized for her prior views and stated that she would rather die than join Isis again. She also stated that she wants to assist the authorities in their fight against terrorism.

Shamima ran away from home in 2015 and was taken into Syria to marry Isis.

She was discovered at a refugee camp in 2019 and gave a series of explosive interviews in which she said that the Manchester bombing was justifiable, sickening the British public.

On national security concerns, the Home Office revoked her British citizenship in 2020.

As seen on TV, Mum notices an unwanted alteration in her home.

She appeared on Good Morning Britain today with Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid, apologizing for her behavior and pleading with the government to let her back to the UK.

Shamima claimed she was not a terrorist and believed she was “doing the right thing as a Muslim” when she joined Isis.

She claimed she was groomed online and duped into traveling to Syria, where she planned to marry, have children, and “live a pure Islamic life.”

Shamima stated she was pleading with the British people to forgive her, saying, “I am pleading with them to pardon me, I made a mistake at a young age, anyone can easily fall into something like this.”

“I have lost loved ones to Isis and have lived in danger because of it; I understand how difficult it is for the public to forgive me, and I apologize if I upset anyone by saying those things.”

Shamima claimed she had no idea what was going on in the outside world because she didn’t have a phone or access to the internet, and that she didn’t understand what she was saying when she said the Manchester Arena bombing was justified because she was afraid of other women in the camps when she was being interviewed.

Shamima denied any involvement in terrorist activity, claiming she never made suicide bomber vests or worked for the morality police.

She claimed that if Isis had remained in control, she would have remained with them, but “not by choice, but by coercion.”

“If Isis came to the gates right now and said, ‘join,’” she remarked.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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