Shameless thief flees from his house after being “egged” by vigilantes.


Sharon Rooney rummaged through the handbags of elderly, disabled and pregnant women while shopping.

A fifty-five-year-old woman who had stolen handbags from OAPs was again spared from jail despite a violation of her probation.

Sharon Rooney was released today after accusing vigilantes of violating her court order.

She claimed, however, that she only stole to provide for her children after her benefits were cut and shouted at ECHO reporters, “How dare you judge me!

The 49-year-old, then from Jubilee Crescent, Haydock, had 42 priors for 101 offenses, including 62 thefts.

The single mother had 13 victims in supermarkets in Liverpool, Widnes, Warrington and St. Helens last year.

He told Rooney that he was giving her a “huge chance” and warned the crook that if he saw her again, “you probably won’t get another one.

A judge postponed the sentence last November to give Rooney a chance to prove herself, and in April saved her from going to prison because of her children.

Judge Anil Murray sentenced her to 16 months in prison, two years on probation, with a 35-day rehabilitation program (RAR).

Rooney sobbed, however, when a defense attorney declared she missed her because she had “fled” from Merseyside after being targeted by a vigilante group.

The Crown Court in Liverpool heard today that just days after the sentencing Rooney had failed to attend two parole board appointments.

Rooney, whose elderly victims had lost valuable photographs of lost loved ones, was put to shame on Christmas Eve by a group called “Retired Avengers”.

Outraged neighbors decorated their garden fence with wallets and left a note with the message “Merry Pursemass”.

Prosecutors said today that the mother also complained that her house had been “egged” after her last court hearing on April 17.

Martyn Walsh, the prosecutor, said a May 6 report from the probation service referred to Rooney and showed “a low level of commitment”.

Rooney shook her head in the dock this morning when she admitted she did not comply with the order because she missed the April 27 and 29 meetings.

said Mr. Walsh: “She said this was due to difficulties she had in her home, including egg throwing.

Judge Murray said he should have been given an updated report and asked why Rooney had not begun rehabilitation.

He said she then moved to Oldham, her case was transferred to the Greater Manchester Parole Service and she was committed on June 1.


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