Seb Franklin of Coronation Street underwent a drastic bodily makeover after quitting the serial.


Seb Franklin of Coronation Street underwent a drastic bodily makeover after quitting the serial.

After leaving Coronation Street, Harry Visinoni has unveiled his incredible bodily change.

After his character, Seb Franklin, was murdered by Corey Brent in May of this year, the actor bowed out of Corrie.

Harry, on the other hand, has focused on his health and wellbeing since leaving Weatherfield, with great results.

Victoria’s snooping in David and Meena’s bedroom as an Emmerdale’stalker’ perplexes viewers.

The 22-year-old shared his toned physique on Instagram, revealing that he had shed nearly 12kg in just 12 weeks.

The actor said with a series of shirtless photos: “I’m extremely happy of what I’ve accomplished over the last few months.

“I’d want to express my gratitude to my friend Adrien Parry @weightwarriornutrition for all of his support, wisdom, and motivation over the previous 12 weeks.”

According to the M.E.N, he went on to say: “I’ve lost 12kg and am feeling better than ever. It simply goes to show that with commitment and hard work, you can make significant changes in your life in a short period of time.

“I’m excited to keep going on this path of growing better and stronger.”

Fans were eager to respond.

“You’re looking fantastic, Harry,” one person said.


Another person said: “Harry, you look incredible. Well done, young gentleman.” “Well, I thought you looked wonderful anyhow, but wow,” a third added. A fourth person responded: “Well done, you look great!… but I’m missing you in Corrie!…” When Seb died as a consequence of the brutal hate crime perpetrated against him and his girlfriend, Nina Lucas, fans were devastated.

The terrible plot was inspired by the true tragedy of goth Sophie Lancaster, who died in 2007 after a similar hate attack.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation collaborated with the ITV soap on the devastating story in remembrance of Sophie, who was murdered because of her appearance.

Following his initial leave, Harry returned for filming early this summer with Mollie Gallagher, who plays Nina, in the same location where the attack occurred.

It was used in flashback scenes that aired in August, just as the murder trial was getting underway.

Nina reminisced about what happened that fateful night, revealing that she witnessed Corey kicking Seb till he couldn’t move.

Following his death last month, Harry received a barrage of tributes from his co-stars. “The summary has come to an end.”


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