Screams and terror follow passers-desperate by’s attempts to help men in the water.


Screams and terror follow passers-desperate by’s attempts to help men in the water.

People raced to help the group before emergency services arrived, according to a man who pulled someone from the sea at Crosby Beach.

One of the five individuals taken from the sea has died, according to police, while a second man is in a critical but stable condition.

Crosby resident James Pugh said he was one of the first to go into the river to save the men who were drowning.

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A woman on a paddle board, whom James described as’so brave,’ was also in the water, assisting the men.

Last night, at 7 p.m., James was drinking tea on the beach with his girlfriend and two stepchildren when he heard screams from the water.

He dashed to the waterfront when he noticed splashing in the water and wondered what was going on.

As he got closer to the water’s edge, he noticed a group of people in their twenties in distress.

“I rushed down, and when I got to the water, I observed a lot of splashing from a bunch of males, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying,” the 38-year-old told The Washington Newsday.

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“I walked further out into the ocean and shouted ‘do they need help?’ since there was a lady on a paddle board. and she said, ‘They’re drowning.’

“I was still wearing my work boots, which sank, so I yanked them off and swam as fast as I could to get to the paddle board.”

When James arrived at the lady on the paddle board, she was assisting three of the five males onto the board and out of the water, according to James.

One of the men was entirely buried in the water, according to James, so he swam him back to the beach.

“Everyone was screaming,” he said. I said, “Don’t panic,” and “Don’t rock the board.”

“I got a grip of one person who was completely submerged. I swam him back to shore by putting my arms underneath him.

“At that point, everyone realized it was an emergency and tried to help.”

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