Sara Davies of the Dragons’ Den interrupts a visitor who makes “outrageous assertions.”


Sara Davies of the Dragons’ Den interrupts a visitor who makes “outrageous assertions.”

Sara Davies, a Dragons’ Den investor, had to cut off an entrepreneur tonight because they made “outrageous accusations.”

a mother of two Elizabeth Morana appeared on the show to promote her nursing bra line to the Dragons.

Thanks to a clasp and a black and white pattern, the Mumba Bra claims to assist mothers and newborns in breastfeeding.

Elizabeth requested £65k from the Dragons in exchange for a 15% stake in her company.

Sara thought the bra was a “amazing product” and one of the greatest bras on the market, praising the manufacturing quality in particular.

Some of Elizabeth’s statements, however, did not convince the founder of Crafter’s Companion.

“I’m just going to cut you off because I don’t believe you can back up your claims that these new design features are truly revolutionizing the breastfeeding market,” she added.

“And I will disagree,” Elizabeth said, “because there is a great movement around the world to increase breastfeeding rates, since women are giving up, and this bra surely has something that will provide them a solution.”

Sara, despite her firm stance, was not interested in investing.

“Elizabeth, the problem I’m having is you’re making some absurd statements,” she said.

“And I don’t believe you’re making them in a deceptive manner.” I believe the issue is that you believe in yourself enough to believe that you are the solution to the breastfeeding crisis.

“However, with or without a Dragon, I don’t believe you’ll ever be able to considerably increase your turnover and profit.”

“As a result, it’s not for me, and I’m out.”


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