Sainsbury’s has issued a warning to all Nectar Card holders ahead of September 22.


Sainsbury’s has issued a warning to all Nectar Card holders ahead of September 22.

From next week, Sainsbury’s will make a huge modification to its popular loyalty program.

Customers could save up to 30% on their purchases if Sainsbury’s’ existing Nectar card is frozen.

Customers can accrue points on a Nectar loyalty card every time they purchase at Sainsbury’s, which can then be exchanged for savings at Sainsbury’s and other retailers such as Argos.

Customers love the £40 Special at Aldi.

They claim that the breakfast maker is “the best invention.”

According to the Mirror, Sainsbury’s is now taking the next stage in its loyalty scheme, introducing ‘My Nectar Prices,’ which will give savings via the Nectar smartphone app.

Users of the Nectar app can enjoy discounts on the things they buy most frequently starting September 22.

The idea is that Nectar will learn what you buy most frequently and will begin to offer you individualized discounts on those things. The discounts will last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Customers must utilize the Sainsbury’s SmartShop self-scanning service to receive the discount.

Customers will receive up to 30% off products, and those who shop weekly might save £200 per year, according to Sainsbury’s, however this depends on how frequently you use it.

More information on the initiative will be released on September 22, according to the retailer.

“We’re always exploring for innovative ways to offer our customers the best value, and we’re happy to be launching My Nectar Prices,” said Mark Given, Sainsbury’s chief marketing officer.

“What’s fantastic about My Nectar Prices is that customers’ discounts will be personalized to each shopper’s individual needs based on their previous purchasing behavior, which means they’ll get discounts on things they love and use frequently.”


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