Ripple joins the Civic Alliance to promote democracy in the USA.


Ripple joined the Civic Alliance to promote voting and support democracy.
The company is now in the same alliance as many of the largest companies in the United States.
Many offer paid vacation so that their employees can go to the polls today, just before the election.

Ripple, the crypto-startup behind one of the world’s largest crypto-currencies, XRP, recently announced its entry into the Citizens Alliance. The Alliance’s goal is to promote democracy in the United States by encouraging impartial voter participation, and by joining, Ripple has apparently decided to take on the same mission.

What is the goal of the alliance?

The Civic Alliance is massive and quite powerful and currently has 936 members. These include some of the biggest names in business, such as Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, Reddit, Twitter, Starbucks, McDonald’s and many others.

In total, it is estimated that the alliance can reach more than 5 million workers through its member companies. However, the Alliance’s most important message is that every American has a voice and that every American should be able to use their voice.

The Alliance recognizes that each of its member companies is unique, but that they are all united in their belief in democracy and in the expression of opinions and beliefs. At present, the Alliance focuses primarily on supporting “safe, healthy and trustworthy elections”.

Ripple himself seems more than willing to join and support this, and stated on Twitter: “We believe that voting should be safe and accessible to everyone, everywhere. That’s why Ripple is a 100 percent shareholder in #ForDemocracy with @CivicAlliance”.

We believe that voting should be secure and accessible to anyone, anywhere. That’s why Ripple is a 100% shareholder in #ForDemocracy with @CivicAlliance. Ripple (@Ripple) November 2, 2020

The day of the election has come

As some may know, there are three requirements to which companies that want to become and remain members must commit themselves. These include a reliable assessment of the election for all voters, recognition of state and local election officials as a trusted source of confirmed results, and finally, members must be patient and wait for the vote count to be completed.

Alliance members have a reputation for encouraging their staff to vote enough that they are willing to offer them paid vacations or flexible working hours just so they can go to the polls.

Of course, due to the coronavirus pandemic, much of the voting will be online or by postal vote, which has been a long-standing debate between Republicans and Democrats.

However, the current president, Donald Trump, called the postal vote “the biggest scam in history,” so the debate is likely to continue. In any case, the election of the next U.S. president is taking place today, and the results could have serious implications for the crypto industry.


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