Ricky Tomlinson surprised visitors at a caravan park in North Wales.


Ricky Tomlinson surprised visitors at a caravan park in North Wales.

After spending the day filming for his new program, Ricky Tomlinson stunned guests at a North Wales RV site with an hour-long performance.

The 81-year-old actor of The Royle Family is presently filming Million Pound Motorhomes, which will premiere on Channel Five on September 19.

In front of an unsuspecting audience, Tomlinson, who played Jim Royle in the iconic TV sitcom, recalled recollections from his boyhood in North Wales.

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He goes on a journey down memory lane to the North Wales shore, where he spent many family vacations, in search of his old beloved camper.

As he socialized with employees and owners, Sunnyvale’s general manager, Aaron Scantlebury, characterized him as “briliant, gorgeous, and incredibly accommodating.”

“As an award-winning park that has invested millions of pounds over the past few years, we were approached by the makers of the program who wanted a park that would appeal to their audience demographic,” he told North Wales Live.

“We spent some time talking to Ricky, who arrived in his camper and expressed his love for North Wales and reminisced about his previous visits.

“He spent some time in the bar, where he amused everyone for a few hours and regaled them with numerous stories and adventures.

“Some were incredibly moving, while others were extremely amusing. With his string vest and trousers, he came dressed like Jim Royle, and he was brilliant, charming, and quite helpful.

“The staff adored him, and he mixed in with our normal campers who had no idea he was coming.

“We had a fantastic time. He’s somewhat of a national treasure.”

The event emphasizes the fact that motorhomes are one of the world’s fastest growing sectors, with annual sales increasing by 126 percent and one in every five Brits planning a staycation in one.

The consequences of Covid restrictions and the restricting of abroad travel have intensified the UK’s growing interest with RVs.

The Channel Five documentary takes viewers on a revealing and inspirational tour through the most amazing and pricey RVs in the UK and around the world.

“Come on board some of the,” says the software synposis.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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