Richard Madeley’s ‘tough’ trial on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity has left many perplexed.


Richard Madeley’s ‘tough’ trial on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity has left many perplexed.

Fans of I’m a Celebrity were left perplexed after Richard Madeley’s first solo trial.

In a public poll, the veteran broadcaster was chosen to face the Castle Kitchen Nightmares on tonight’s show.

Throughout the trial, Richard was charged with uncovering ten hidden stars, each of which represented a meal.

Ant McPartlin, the show’s host, explained: “You have ten minutes to locate ten stars buried around the trial. They may be buried everywhere, including in the walls, pots, and even down the garbage chute.” During his quest, the Good Morning Britain host encountered castle critters before having to dive head first into a chute full of decaying fruit and vegetables.

As he strained to unravel the drawstring of the bags containing the stars, fish guts and offal were thrown on Richard’s head.

Richard eventually received four out of ten stars, and upon his return to the camp, the 65-year-old expressed his dissatisfaction with the work.

Fans of the show on Twitter, on the other hand, were perplexed as to how the competitor was so clean when he returned to the castle.

“How come Richard was clean when he returned?” Kirsty wondered.

“How is Richard clean coming back into camp?” Shauna inquired.

Katie had this to say: “Clean hair and dry pants! Do they receive a shower after the trial, @antanddec?” Kathy made the following comment: “Okay, but how could Richard avoid getting covered in all that filth and disgustingness on his way back to the camp? @imacelebrity Was he entirely dry and clean? How long had it been since the last time you saw each other? Hmmm” “Are there hidden trial showers because all the celebs come back to camp so clean after performing the trials?” Bex wondered.


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