Richard Madeley of Good Morning Britain criticizes a demonstrator for pulling a Piers Morgan.


Richard Madeley of Good Morning Britain criticizes a demonstrator for pulling a Piers Morgan.

After a heated argument on today’s episode, Richard Madeley lambasted a protester for “doing a Piers Morgan.”

On Wednesday’s edition of ITV News, the 65-year-old broadcaster was joined by Susanna Reid.

They spoke with Liam Norton of Insulate Britain after members of his protest group blocked the M25.

Strictly Come Dancing is a British television show that focuses on ballroom dancing. James Jordan blasts professionals who are “unwilling to acquire the covid vaccination.”

Insulate Britain’s 38 climate protestors were detained when they walked into a busy road to obstruct oncoming traffic.

Last week, the organization was chastised for their demonstrations after a mother was left largely paralyzed when paramedics failed to get her to the hospital after she suffered a stroke.

Susanna Reid got the discussion off to an explosive start when she said she was fine for nonviolent protests, but that the Insulate Britain campaigners’ tactics were counterproductive to their cause.

“You’re an intelligent journalist,” Liam retorted. And you don’t get what I was saying last week when I indicated that what we do in the next three to four years will determine humanity’s future.”

Before Richard Madeley intervened, Susanna Reid yelled at the demonstrator, telling him to quit being so patronizing.

“You’re not accepting responsibility for your actions,” Richard replied.

The argument escalated as the two continued to talk over each other.

After the protester made similarities between himself and Winston Churchill, Richard was taken aback.

At this point, Liam snapped and rose up in his chair, screaming, “I’ve had enough of talking to people in this country about what we’re doing.” This is the current situation.”

Richard laughed as the Insulate Britain activist stormed off the set, comparing the walk-off to an iconic moment from the ITV show earlier this year.

“You’re doing a Piers,” he said. Bye.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we now know these demonstrators are following in Winston Churchill’s footsteps,” says the host.


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