Review of a Fatal Crash in Which a Wealthy Heiress Was Involved There is no new evidence discovered by Doris Duke.


Review of a Fatal Crash in Which a Wealthy Heiress Was Involved There is no new evidence discovered by Doris Duke.

The Newport, Rhode Island police department found last week that there was no new evidence to overturn the 1966 death of an employee of wealthy heiress Doris Duke, which was declared an accident, according to the Associated Press.

After fresh witness Bob Walker, 68, spoke with police after reading a book on the case, detectives decided to reinvestigate Eduardo Tirella’s death in July.

While Walker, a 13-year-old paperboy at the time of the tragedy, was a “credible” witness, detective Jacque Wuest said the review found nothing to contradict the findings of the original inquiry. In a response to Peter Lance this Friday, she stated, “There is no new evidence that would affect the previous conclusion in this subject, nor is there any new material that justifies further investigation.”

Because his father feared for his life if he told the authorities about the incident while he was a paperboy, he never did. He came forward after reading Peter Lance’s Homicide at Rough Point.

According to Lance’s account, Duke struck Tirella with a car at her estate with deliberate intent. Walker was the first person on the scene, and he stated that his version of events differed from the official’s version.

“At this point, we cannot ascribe any clear purpose or intent to Ms. Duke,” City Manager Joseph Nicholson Jr.’s office said in a statement, agreeing with the police conclusions.

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“As a result, it would be foolish to either label this occurrence or provide any additional comments beyond our official position.” As a result, as we previously stated, the Newport Police Department continues to believe that there is insufficient evidence to draw any clear conclusions about Ms. Duke’s motivations,” Nicholson said in the statement.

Lance called the police review’s findings “absurd” in a phone interview on Tuesday.

He stated in a statement that as the author of many books critical of the FBI’s counterterrorism and organized crime efforts, “I have never witnessed such an abandonment of responsibility by a law enforcement institution.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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