Residents of St Ives have expressed their displeasure with the G7 summit.


Residents of St Ives have expressed their displeasure with the G7 summit.

Cornwall residents have expressed their displeasure with the G7 conference taking place in their hometown.

Over the next three days, delegates from seven countries, including the United States, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom, will convene in the southern beauty spot of Carbis Bay to debate how to combat the coronavirus, climate change, and other political issues.

People in the neighbouring town of St Ives, on the other hand, had mixed feelings about the presence of the nation’s leaders.

Andrea Hodgson, 78, described the G7 meeting in Cornwall this year as “quite horrible.”

“It’s utterly improper, it’s not climate-friendly, it’s a complete waste of money,” Mrs Hodgson told the PA news agency. They’ve shut down our hospital and police station, and they’re wasting millions and millions of pounds on a celebration for overseas visitors.

“It could all be done over the internet. The quantity of people who are coming down during lockdown irritates me much. We’ve been imprisoned here, and we can’t even leave our front door.”

“People are becoming marginalized here,” she continued, “and the G7 is exacerbating the problem.”

Other village residents expressed their discontent with the large world event taking place on their doorstep.

“G7, what have you done today to make you feel proud?” read one banner posted on the side of a shop.

Some nearby businesses have also chosen to close for the occasion.

Blas Burgerworks, a burger takeaway shop, has a sign in the window saying, “We are now closed due to G7 from Monday 7th to Wednesday 16th.” On Thursday, June 17th, we will reopen.”

Andi Grimes, 55, a resident, told PA that she didn’t think the event would be very beneficial to the town.

“It’s been quite disruptive for the residents – delivery drivers can’t find a parking spot, there are road closures, and the railway station is closed.

“Anyone who lives in Carbis Bay relies on the bus to go down here for work or to go shopping, and it’s a problem.”

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