Residents of Grenfell Tower were asked for suggestions on how to design a tribute to the catastrophe.


Residents of Grenfell Tower were asked for suggestions on how to design a tribute to the catastrophe.

Before the fourth anniversary of the tragedy, bereaved families, survivors, and local residents of Grenfell Tower have been encouraged to come forward and submit their ideas for a memorial.

On Friday, the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission issued a video outlining how the community should create the future memorial in order to leave a “legacy and a long-lasting sign of remembrance.”

It stated that the 2017 fire, which claimed the lives of 72 individuals, should “never be forgotten.”

In a statement to previous inhabitants, Michael Lockwood, co-chair of the Memorial Commission, said, “We need all your support and input since this is your memorial.”

“This is a wonderful community, and the strength and passion you’ve demonstrated in our interactions makes us glad to be working with you.

“We are humbled by the dignity you have displayed during these trying times, and we are devoted to the memorial commission’s responsibility.”

“With your support, we want to settle on a memorial that is unique and guarantees Grenfell is never forgotten,” he continued.

Former residents and grieving relatives stressed the importance of the memorial being built “by the community, for the community.”

“This area is a sacred location, and this memorial needs to reflect that,” Sandra Ruiz, a devastated family member, said.

“It’s also a means to remember those who have passed away.”

It would be “impossible to establish” an appropriate memorial to reflect them without hearing the ideas of other bereaved families and previous residents, she noted.

“I opted to support the commission work because I felt like I needed to do something,” Hanan Wahabi, a survivor of the tragedy who lost her brother, his wife, and three children, said.

“After I’m gone, after my children’s gone, after everyone’s gone, it’s the fact that the memorial is still there, just like every other memorial we’ve seen throughout the world.

“It’ll be used for instructional purposes, where we’ll be exhibiting and teaching people about it.” (This is a brief piece.)


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