Residents in New Jersey are baffled by a’scrambled’ formation of flying lights.


Residents in New Jersey are baffled by a’scrambled’ formation of flying lights.

On Monday, flying lights were seen over Paterson, New Jersey, generating curiosity as to what they could have been.

Several lights hung over the city for more than five minutes before disappearing over adjacent Garret Mountain, according to eyewitness Louis Stevens, who managed to capture the bizarre sight.

The lights, described as flying circles, appeared to be traveling slowly in some sort of arrangement in the footage.

“You see that on YouTube and it’s always somewhere out in the Nevada desert somewhere,” said Louis Stevens, who submitted his footage to PIX 11 in New York.

After reviewing the video and checking in with local air traffic, PIX 11 said that it transmitted the tape to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and was told that “nothing was reported.”

Victor Chu, a drone expert in New York, told the site that the lights could have been part of a drone demonstration practice.

Drones that take part in light shows are all linked together and controlled by a computer, according to Chu, the creator of the Sky Tech One drone videography company.

“If you look at the footage, you’ll see that they’re maintaining a formation for the most part, even if it’s a little bit scrambled,” he told PIX 11.

It’s not the first time a strange object has been seen above New Jersey’s skies. Last year, one such event was reported, but it turned out to be the Goodyear blimp.

For years, unidentified flying objects (UFOs), also known as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), have been a cultural phenomenon due to concerns that they could be alien spacecraft.

Unusual Aerial Sightings

They became a big topic earlier this year after a Senate committee ordered the director of national intelligence (DNI) to publish a report on unusual aircraft sightings.

“Limited data leaves most UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) unexplained,” the report concluded on June 25.

The investigation primarily focused on firsthand testimonies from US military personnel between 2004 and 2021, with 144 originating from US official sources. “A gigantic, deflated balloon” was the only one that could be positively identified. The identities of the others are unknown.

However, patterns were discovered, such as the fact that certain UAPs “maneuver abruptly, or move at a high rate, without discernible methods of.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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