Research in Hillsborough: David Duckenfield finishes his argumentation – 17 things we learned from him.


The retired Chief Superintendent, now 70 years old, began his evidentiary hearing last Tuesday.

Hillsborough gaming commander David Duckenfield ended his Hillsborough investigation after six and a half days on the stand.

The game commander ended his testimony on the stand after six and a half days of testimony.

We look back at what we learned during his testimony.

When questioned by Paul Greaney QC, representing the Police Association, the former Game Commander agreed that closing the tunnel would have prevented the tragedy.

He admitted that he did not recognize the need to close the tunnel and did not take any steps to close it.

Mr. Duckenfield said, “Yes, sir.” ( Full Report )

Mr. Greaney said, “This failure was the direct cause of the deaths of 96 people in the Hillsborough tragedy?

Mr Duckenfield initially refused to accept, when asked by Mr Greaney on several occasions, that he had been frozen, “bottled” or panicked when fans entered the ground through exit gate C.

But the court heard Christina Lambert QC, the lawyer for the investigations, as evidence. Mr. Duckenfield had said that his mind was “empty” for a moment after the gate was opened.

Watch: At 14:52, the jury showed the opening of exit gate C

said Mr. Duckenfield: “If you listen to what you just said, it seems quite possible.

Mr. Greaney asked: “You know what you had in your head, and I ask you one last time: Will you accept that you have actually frozen?

Mr. Greaney said: “What did you describe in these statements to Mrs. Lambert, apart from a situation in which you were frozen in the critical phase?


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