Report: Frontex is involved in illegal abduction operations.


According to a search, the European border protection agency Frontex is involved in illegal crowding-out operations by the Greek authorities against fugitives. The refugee boats are being driven back to Turkey.

According to a media report, the European border protection agency Frontex is involved in illegal repatriation of fugitives by the Greek coast guard. This was the result of a joint investigation published on Friday by the ARD political magazine “Report Mainz”, the magazine “Spiegel”, “Lighthouse Reports”, “Bellingcat” and the Japanese television station TV Asahi. The media reported that Frontex officials have been demonstrably present in at least six of the so-called pushbacks in the Aegean since April.

Videos showed how a Frontex ship blocked a refugee boat and in another scene passed it at high speed, creating waves instead of saving the people. The media reported that the Greek coast guard then pushed the dinghy back towards Turkey.

Discussions with Frontex employees and internal documents also suggested that they would polish their reports before sending them to Frontex headquarters in Warsaw. Frontex had not denied the individual incidents when asked by “Spiegel”. Instead, the agency stated that the officials protected the fundamental rights of migrants and respected the right of non-refoulement. According to the report, the Greek government denied the accusations and declared that it adhered to the law and did not make illegal refoulements.

The left wing in the EU Parliament called for the dismissal of Frontex boss Fabrice Leggeri after the accusations became known. The research conducted by the media houses proved that Frontex not only had knowledge of the illegal refusals, but was also complicit, explained German MEP Cornelia Ernst. Leggeri had lied to the EU Parliament and claimed that the agency was not aware of any pushbacks.



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