Refugee policy: aid organizations complain of breach of law.


Aid organizations warn of serious human rights violations against migrants and refugees. The Federal Government is also involved in the violation of law – both in Germany and abroad.

The medical organization IPPNW has denounced human rights violations against refugees and migrants. Numerous aid organizations such as Doctors of the World, Deutsche Aidshilfe, Pro Asyl and several refugee councils joined the criticism. According to estimates, around 500,000 people without residential status were denied basic health care, according to the joint declaration issued by the organizations in Berlin.

police and the Bundeswehr were involved in practices that violated human rights, the radio station “Deutschlandfunk” reported on Monday. This is a violation of international law. The corona pandemic has further aggravated the situation. The German government and the European Union are also violating international law with regard to the Greek refugee camps. With their migration and asylum policies, they are thus violating the right to health of refugees and migrants.

Thus, the “pushbacks” of migrants by Greek authorities and Frontex were also part of everyday life. Together with other organizations, IPPNW organized a “Human Rights Tribunal” on this topic in Berlin. The tribunal documented the statements of affected persons and analyzed video recordings. The organizations criticized the effects of deportation and the criminalization of sea rescue.

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