Readers’ amusing and shocking school report comments from previous years


Readers’ amusing and shocking school report comments from previous years

Readers of the ECHO have been sharing their amusing and even obscene statements from their school reports.

Last week, a 34-year-old mother revealed her 30-year-old student record online, which went viral and was dubbed “brutal” and “mean” by others.

Louise Mustchin couldn’t believe her reaction to the assessment, which stated that when she was four years old, she failed to “understand the necessity of commitment to work.”

Mum reveals a ‘brutal’ childhood school report that her parents describe as “harsh” and “OTT.”

We published the article on Facebook, and it drew over 1.5k comments from ECHO readers, some of whom are themselves parents, who chimed in with some of the most amusing comments from their own school reports.

So we’ve chosen a few of our favorites.

Your ludicrous school report remarks

“Laura is self-centered and possessive of her friendships; frankly, with you, not much has changed.”

“My son’s teacher once said he had the attention span of a goldfish, and she wasn’t incorrect.

“Sam is a well-respected member of his peer group, according to his report card, he was 5 lol.”

“A teacher once said of my niece, ‘Her brain must be made of Teflon because nothing sticks.’ We thought it was funny, but he wouldn’t be able to say it nowadays since it’s not politically correct.”

“I believe my mother was informed I was a failure at my first primary school.”

“My favorite remark from school was ‘outstanding in his mediocrity.’”

“At school, my career advisor told me I’d never amount to much, and I’ve followed his advise ever since.”

“On my mother’s school report card, it states, ‘has no talent but tries her hardest.’”

“A maths instructor once referred to me as ‘a blister on the face of the class.’ I had the last laugh, coming first in a class of 28 in math!!”

“I was once informed (by a maths instructor) that if I couldn’t draw a straight line, I’d wind up in a sausage factory (what does that have to do with arithmetic???)

Deborah, according to my mother, is easily distracted by windows!! Unfortunately, teachers are now required to sugarcoat reports, but they would prefer to be more forthright.”

“It has to be a Deborah,” says the narrator. The summary comes to a close.


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