Rats swarm a ‘disgusting’ flytipping heap that has been accumulating for’months.’


Rats swarm a ‘disgusting’ flytipping heap that has been accumulating for’months.’

Residents who live near a “disgusting” flytipping mound believe the problem has resulted in a rat infestation.

A worried Kirkby resident posted photos of the ‘disgraceful’ garbage on the Southdene Road and requested assistance.

Images reveal discarded domestic objects such as cabinets, mattresses, and old tyres among the debris along Clieves Road.

Flytipping and rubbish accumulation have been going on for “months,” according to the woman, who prefers to remain anonymous.

One local responded to the Facebook post about the conditions by saying, “That’s horrible, you’ll end up with all kinds of mice and rats knocking around.”

“It’s horrible; it needs to be sorted or there will be rats again,” stated another.

“Rats have already descended on the trash,” the neighbor responded, adding, “They’re everywhere now.”

“Joke this, no need, f***** disgrace,” said a third local.

“Need cameras up and fine the dirty scruffs,” one person said. “There’s no need.”

“The Environmental Health service is aware of the fly tipping issues in this area and is actively investigating this subject,” a Knowsley Council spokesperson said.

“This entails arranging for the waste from fly-tipping to be removed as soon as possible, as well as preventing future incidents.” We’re also attempting to figure out who’s to blame, and anyone with information should contact us at [email protected]

“Fly tipping is completely unacceptable in Knowsley, and we will not tolerate it.” It is hazardous, harmful to the environment, and will cost us a significant amount of money to clean up.

“We will always investigate fly tipping incidents and push for the toughest punishments for offenders. That’s why we ask our residents to report any incidents of fly tipping to us, so we can investigate and ensure those responsible are made accountable for their actions.

“Fly tipping of waste is a serious criminal offence, it carries a maximum penalty of an unlimited fine or up to five years imprisonment.”

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