Quotes To Inspire You To Stand Up To Bullying On National Stop Bullying Day


Quotes To Inspire You To Stand Up To Bullying On National Stop Bullying Day

Every year on the second Wednesday in October, National Stop Bullying Day is observed to raise awareness about the dangers of bullying.

Bullying is defined by the American Psychology Association as any sort of hostile behavior in which someone purposefully and persistently causes hurt or distress to another person. Physical touch, words, or even subtle behaviors could cause harm.

On National Stop Bullying Day, teachers, parents, and students are reminded of the need of bystander action in bullying situations.

Following the terrible suicides of three bullied boys in 1983, Dr. Dan Olweus, a Norwegian psychologist, spearheaded attempts to establish a bullying prevention program in the United States. Many schools across the country quickly joined the cause.

Following the Columbine High School tragedy in 1999, several anti-bullying legislation and policies were enacted. The authorities subsequently began to concentrate their efforts on improving the victims’ immediate surroundings. Bystander empowerment, classroom and hallway policing, and punishing and rehabilitating bullies were all part of the reforms. The first two states to pass anti-bullying legislation were Georgia and California.

Learn more about the dangers of bullying and share it with your social circle to commemorate National Stop Bullying Day. You may also raise awareness about how a bystander’s active response to a situation can effectively prevent bullying.

Here are some quotes to motivate you to speak out against bullying and to better understand it:


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